Corrosion usually is treated as a part of a broader approach to address critical issues related to vessel components like Hull or Risers. As a
result there is little information that deals with corrosion as a separate topic for FPSOs.

Papers related to
Corrosion :

Key findings from the FPSO structural performance joint industry project
Also incorporated at Hull
Author(s) : C. Serratella, R. Spong
Original Publication :

Coatings for Corrosion Protection: Offshore Oil and Gas Operation Facilities, Marine Pipeline and Ship Structures Offshore Oil and Gas
Operation Facilities
Author(s) : Charles Smith, Tom Siewert, Brajendra Mishra, David Olson, and Angelique Lassiegne
Original Publication : n.a

A question of protection
Author(s) : Mike Surkein
Original Publication :

Corrosion protection of duplex stainless steel at elevated temperatures in an offshore environment by thermal spray application of
aluminum coating system
Author(s) : Steve Luterek, Craig Maguire
Original Publication :

Cost savings using SOLV on FPSO Terra Nova
Author(s) : AGR
Original Publication :

External corrosion of carbon steel process equipment on FPSO’s
Author(s) : NFV
Original Publication :

Offshore Materials
Author(s) : Doug Stannard
Original Publication :

Seawater pump caisson protection
Author(s) : Jan Heselmans, Nico (Ko) W. Buijs, Ephraim Isaac
Original Publication :

Protective Coatings Solutions for Deepwater Projects
Author(s) : Brian Mitchelson
Original Publication :

SIRUS A mobile robot for FPSO hull inspection
Author(s) : Luciano L. Menegaldo, Melquisedec Santosy, et al
Original Publication :

Newbuild FPSO Corrosion Protection A Design and Operation Planning Guideline
Author(s) : Adrian MacMillan, Karl Peter Fisher, Henning Carlsen, Øystein Goksoyr
Original Publication :

The Internal Corrosion Integrity Strategy on the development of new Offshore Production Areas in Brazil
Author(s) : Pedro Alto Ferreira, Marcio Felix Carvalho Bezerra, Roberto Loschiavo
Original Publication :

The Platforma Project