Topsides Facilities upon an FPSO is a comprehensive definition mainly used to describe the facilities arranged over the deck of the vessel. It
is one of the most critical group of equipment as certain characteristics like the complexity, the weight and the quantity of  the systems, the
existence of resources like oil or gas next to dangerous and critical equipment require additional cotion and attention from the crew.

Topsides Facilities is the intermediate stage in the process of taking the fluids from the reservoir under the seabed, aboard the ship. The
main components of which it consists are the following:
A. Oil treatment (filtering, oil separation, oil storage)
B. Gas treatment (gas compression, dehydration, well injection, equipment fuelling
C. Water treatment (filtration and processing, sea discharge, well injection)

Besides of the fluids processing facilities in an FPSO Topsides Facility several other systems can be observed:
A. Electrical Power Generation
B. Flaring System
C. Firefighting Equipment
D. Inert gas system
E. Freshwater system / Accomodation support
F. Fuel,lubricant oil, greasing system etc

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Topsides Facility :
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Topsides Facility
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